Saving Some Space


Early this year I replaced my 2018 Dell XPS 15 with a 2020 Dell XPS 13. I gave the older laptop to a son.  It's still fine, runs well and has an I7 and 16 GB of RAM.  I just upgrade every 2 years and keep up to date.  I make my living developing web applications. As soon as the warranty runs out, I upgrade.

I really like the new XPS. It's touch and has a pen.  The XPS 15 was non-touch but the XPS before that was touch. The new generation is really quiet and has better cooling than the previous generations. It also comes with a microSD card slot.

With all the applications, tools, libraries, databases, and code the SSD was filling up. I could easily make sure I'm all checked in and push my repos and remove some code but I like having it at the ready.  I decided to move, for now, all my repos to the SD card.  

I first had to upgrade to Windows Pro. I was running Windows 10 Home for the last few months.  Windows 10 Home has encryption but only for fixed disks. Then I formatted the SD card and encrypted it.  In Window 10 Pro, encryption leaves it removable and encrypts it with a recovery key and a password.

I figure this is good for disaster recovery also.  My code is my livelihood.  So far, after a week, I don't even notice it.  My code is on the D: drive now but that is the only difference.  Performance is the same. I also have a buffer before my hard drive fills up.


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