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Biggest SQL Saturday yet, and I’m speaking.

I’m really excited about the upcoming SQL Saturday events.  SQL Saturday is one of the best, if not the best ever, conference circuits around.  It’s like a traveling roadshow except its put on by local coordinators not the same national speakers each time.  It’s so popular though that it brings in the really best speakers.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able spread the good word about SQL Azure many times.    My latest speaking trip takes me to Midtown Manhattan.  To speak to so many, in such a great town is going to be a thrill.  I’ve mostly spoken in the Midwest.  DBAs and developers in the Midwest are a little different than the guys and gals in the Big Apple.  But a lot is the same.  I hope I can start a good two-way conversation about the benefits of SQL Azure and maybe show off some good uses of running SQL Server in the Cloud .   I recently got interviewed by Robert Pearl .  He’s one of the coordinators of the SQL Saturday #59 in New York City.  The full interview can

Go to a GiveCamp, get a cool sticker.

    I’m posting this picture of my old laptop.  It was my wife’s first but then she wanted a netbook.  So I was handed down this 32bit Toshiba.  It is actually pretty good hardware.  Both Windows 7 and Linux installed with ease.  I use it for demo and cross platform game programming.  Since I use it in demos I started with the stickers.  I acquired several from all the conferences I attend and speak at.   It is now full.  It is also now too slow for my everyday work.  It gets too hot and the battery doesn’t last very long.  I am very proud of one sticker though.  I got it from Dreams for Kids for writing code at the Midwest GiveCamp.   If you haven’t attended a GiveCamp, the Indy GiveCamp is Nov 5th.  Be there or be square.