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Resolve associated work items on check in.. Finally!

In Visual Studio 2015, Microsoft has fixed that default setting everyone hates.  Well, I bet the majority of developers hate it.  No? Just keep reading anyway.

By default, when you relate a work item to a check in, if the work item is not resolved or closed, it tries to resolve the work item for you.  Why?  I don't know. It's always been that way.

This, for me, is a real pain.  I don't, by default, want to do that.  I (usually) want to associate the work item.  So how do I change the default?  Prior to VS 2015 you had to edit your registry and restart Visual Studio.  Doesn't that sound like a great user experience?

Here is how to do that if you have not upgraded or need to use another version other than 2015:  I think it still works.  I only have Visual Studio 2015 now so I don't care.

Thanks to user input the team at Microsoft has created a new setting. I…