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.NET Maui and VS Code

  I was disappointed in the developer experience for .NET Maui and Visual Studio Code. I assumed that the popular debuggers and extensions would cover getting an app running. I am always up to date on my .NET and Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code so I just figured the tooling would be there. When the marketplace didn't really reveal a solution for me, I went searching. The best search result for me is the one that pointed me in the direction to get my .NET Maui CLI working.  That's right. I went to the CLI to get my IDE running the way I wanted it to. .NET MAUI with .NET CLI (Command Line Interface) Getting the .NET Maui workload and the maui-check command line tool installed really helped. Those installs made sure that the libraries and emulators were setup so I could run them without Visual Studio.  It also reminded me that I'll need some sort of emulator or device to connect VS Code to. dotnet new maui After running the CLI to create my solution and project, I realize

Special Characters are Truly Special

Do you remember the days before string interpolation in C#? I do. It was medieval. Those were truly the dark days of development. We would all use string formatting and concatenation and carried swords around to defend ourselves against giant beasts. Ok, maybe I'm the only one that was wearing a helmet but I'm kind of a weird guy. I think we can all agree that string concatenation is not all that fun. It might not be as dangerous as dragons, but it can still light your hair on fire when there is a bug in your code just to display some text. Classes in C# like StringBuilder helped make things safer but it wasn't all that readable. String.Format is easy but keeping the parameters in the right order isn't exactly a no brainer either. What if that code was just in a class behind a view? Can't we just put it in the view? In the code behind it was easily testable, but the context was lost, and it wasn't as simple as what we can do today. output = String.Format("