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Do I really need Visual Studio or is VS Code enough?

A friend of mine got me thinking. "Can I run this code with just VS Code?" She's not a developer.  She's like this super smart consultant / solution architect / know it all type.  You know the type.  The person who can solve just about any technical problem without writing a custom app. She sent me some code that she wanted to try out and she didn't want to do a full install on Visual Studio.  I was on my phone so I looked at the code on Github and it looked at first like .NET framework solution.  I looked in the csproj file and it was .NET Core but I couldn't confirm if she could just clone it and run it. So I'm trying it out.  A few quick commands in terminal or PowerShell and we are up. git clone cd .\azure-search-knowledge-mining\ cd '.\02 - Web UI Template\' code . Yep, spaces in the folder names.  Oh boy!  This isn't looking promising.  But wa