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Obligitory Working From Home Post

There are now more people posting about working from home than there are rolls of toilet paper on planet earth.  (I just made that statistic up).  Here is the top ten reasons why I'm contributing to that number.

Nobody will read thisYou can print this list and use it for toilet paperI sometimes use my gym equipment and want to brag about thatMy internet stalker wants to see in my office/gymI'm boredI've been working at home for over a year straight and will hopefully never commute againSharing my space will make you feel better about your own spaceI like showing off my curved monitorFor tax purposes, in case they bring back the home office deduction, this is proofSEO
Those reasons are not in any particular order.  I just made them up.  I hope anyone reading this is safe at home and can work in a nice quiet space like mine.

Do I really need Visual Studio or is VS Code enough?

A friend of mine got me thinking.
"Can I run this code with just VS Code?" She's not a developer.  She's like this super smart consultant / solution architect / know it all type.  You know the type.  The person who can solve just about any technical problem without writing a custom app.

She sent me some code that she wanted to try out and she didn't want to do a full install on Visual Studio.  I was on my phone so I looked at the code on Github and it looked at first like .NET framework solution.  I looked in the csproj file and it was .NET Core but I couldn't confirm if she could just clone it and run it.

So I'm trying it out.  A few quick commands in terminal or PowerShell and we are up.

git clone cd .\azure-search-knowledge-mining\ cd '.\02 - Web UI Template\' code .
Yep, spaces in the folder names.  Oh boy!  This isn't looking promising.  But wait.. there we go.


New Positions Are Posted

There are several openings on the application development teams at Barefoot Proximity.  The roles sort of mix together during the day to day work but we assign work based on expertise, mostly.  We keep it interesting and new even if sometimes it seems standard.  You'd think that everything in marketing and e-Commerce has been done before.  I have found that there is a lot of work in getting it right. We are always inventing better ways to solve the same problems the competition has. It gives us an edge.

Front End Developer
more info

HTML and CSS – they aren’t a necessary evil that a front-end developer has to suffer through. At Barefoot Proximity, they are valued skills on equal footing with all other aspects of application development. As an advertising agency, design is in our DNA. We love our Macs. In fact, the only PC’s in our office are the loaners from our clients. Our attention to detail and passion for design have led us to appreciate that a well-executed visual design can c…

Sitecore Symposium 2019

This week I attended Sitecore Symposium for the first time.  The conference was in Orlando and the weather was excellent.  I'm freezing now because it was 90 degrees yesterday and now that I'm back in Indiana, it's 30 degrees outside.

The sessions were organized into several tracks and each day had special keynote speakers.  I attended mostly sessions with DevOps or automation topics.  There were also sessions on marketing, AI, eCommerce, and everything to do with Sitecore.

My role at the agency is to support over a dozen different brands so anything that makes my daily tasks easier is great.  We also need to be ready to deploy features almost daily with a high degree of quality.  Sitecore has matured into a pretty cool system.

The speakers that I saw were excellent.  I gave everyone 5 stars except for one, that was 4 out of 5 stars. The agenda was a good mix of Sitecore employees, partners, industry experts and consultants.  Some of the Sitecore employees would even talk …

SQL Saturday Cleveland 2019

Time:  Feb 2

Alan and I haven't spoken together for a while.  I mean we talk often but not presenting in front of an audience. Last year, Alan and I submitted our Grudge Match: XML vs JSON session to Cleveland and were delighted when chosen.  It's a lot more work to coordinate with a speaking partner when choosing when and where the both of us can be.  I'm really glad it worked out again.  The responses we received the first time were great.

Place: Cleveland

Northern Ohio has a vibrant .NET and SQLcommunity.  Cleveland puts on several meetups each month and a couple yearly events like SQL Saturday that bring a large number of people together.  The larger companies like Hyland have great facilities and share them with the community and put on great parties.

Cleveland is great. It's a big event with great crowds that give awesome feedback and support. Sometimes with other venues there are issues but I have found that Cleveland really never has many.  I've been impress…

My new Dell XPS 15

I’m really enjoying my new laptop. About a month ago I splurged and upgraded to the Dell XPS 15 9570.  It has the 8th Gen 6 core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and Nvidia GTX 1050 TI. So far I’ve only been running Windows but I might make it dual boot later.I’m running on the latest preview builds of Windows and its been pretty fun.  This Dell has everything I would need to code almost just about everything.With the GTX, I decided to add some games and the Unity developer tools on it.  It’s doing quite well.  It a really good gamer compared to other laptops that I’ve owned.One thing that I downgraded was the monitor.  I didn’t appreciate the glossy high res touch display on my XPS 13.  I actually prefer to code on this matte finish, non-touch, HD display.  1080 is fine and I don’t need the 4k.  It has been said that I’ll get better battery life with this set up also.When I’m presenting, 4k doesn’t help all that much either.  Most conferences barely have HD projectors.  So at a lower resoluti…

Web Development Rockstar Unicorn with Ninja coding skills who moonlights as a Wizard of Data

Are you a developer?  Maybe you are a recruiter? Hiring manager?  If you are then you probably know what I'm about to write.

IT and development job descriptions can have pretty demanding skill requirements.  In order to take short cuts or make things sound 'cooler', hiring managers create job descriptions looking for Ninjas, Rock Stars, Wizards, Unicorns and other things other than programmer.

Ninja - a developer who codes quietly in the dark and kills any task required by his master.Rock Star - a developer who stands out in a crowd and loudly codes better than everyone around themWizard - a developer who magically creates software that everyone loves without any guidance and utilizing less hardware or maybe no hardware at allUnicorn - a developer who is an expert at all forms of programming.  A Unicorn (Full-stack Developer) can code the UI, API, database, virtual reality, business intelligence and everything else and do so all by themselves as equally well as any other mo…