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Recruiters should not call or email me.

I have changed positions over the years. It does happen. I do answer my phone and read my email. I like talking to other developers and entrepreneurs about technology. Sometimes that might involve me coding for them or with them. I don't like it when a recruiter calls me up looking to place someone they know or wanting to fill a role they have. Please don't bother me. I won't be nice to you when you call and I'll block your email. You can contact me on LinkedIn if you want. That is what LinkedIn is for. Calling me up at all hours of the day and night isn't going to help you, at all.

Agile Database Development

SQL Saturday Cleveland - Feb  7, 2015 In this talk Aaron will introduce users to some techniques and tools for developing and maintaining SQL code inside an Agile SDLC. Aaron will use test driven development techniques and commit his code changes to Team Foundation Services and schedule a build. He'll also demonstrate some custom solutions and go over all of the different databases that a DBA might support in an on-premise TFS install.