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New Positions Are Posted

There are several openings on the application development teams at Barefoot Proximity.  The roles sort of mix together during the day to day work but we assign work based on expertise, mostly.  We keep it interesting and new even if sometimes it seems standard.  You'd think that everything in marketing and e-Commerce has been done before.  I have found that there is a lot of work in getting it right. We are always inventing better ways to solve the same problems the competition has. It gives us an edge. Front End Developer more info HTML and CSS – they aren’t a necessary evil that a front-end developer has to suffer through. At Barefoot Proximity, they are valued skills on equal footing with all other aspects of application development. As an advertising agency, design is in our DNA. We love our Macs. In fact, the only PC’s in our office are the loaners from our clients. Our attention to detail and passion for design have led us to appreciate that a well-executed visual design c