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Showing Progress of a ASP.NET MVC PartialView

What you’ll need for this recipe:Some long running GET that you really don’t want the rest of the page load to wait for. New ActionResult in a Controller that returns a PartialView. ViewUserControl that will display the results of your long running GET. jQuery and a javascript snippet that will go call your action and load your result. Step 1 – Action Result 1:public ActionResult CreateData(int item) 2: { 3:// Go to your Model/API/Service and get the long running stuff 4: List<String> LargeList = Model.GoGetList(item); 5: 6:// You can either add it to the ViewData or return it.. 7:// Do what you like 8: ViewData.Add("ElementIdS", group.ElementIds); 9: 10:// Go return your control.. 11://it's named the same as you *.ascx file 12:return PartialView("UserControl"); 13: } Step 2 – ViewUserControlGo create you *.ascx file.  This one could be call UserControl.ascx.  Add some HTML to render your long running piece of data.Step …