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Using Web Essentials 2015 Color Palette

One of the most popular Visual Studio extensions is Web Essentials. One of my favorite features is the extra stylesheet support WE gives Visual Studio. Making sure that the numbers of colors in a web site doesn't get out of control can be a big deal. Having a consistent color palette makes a real difference in the overall feel of a web application. After you install the extension you should see a new menu in the toolbar called Web Essentials. It will look like this. If you click "Create color palette" you'll add a css file to the Solution Items. This file is named specifically "WE-Palette.css". Do not rename it or move it. If you happen to remove it, but do not delete it then you'll be stuck. The file might still be in the solution folder but hidden from the project. You will have to delete it or Visual Studio won't be able to create it. You'll be stuck in a state of color palette limbo. In this example I created a s

SQL Code Guard Review

Pro Tip: Don't Trust Yourself I had not used this product for a while but recently installed it again.  When I'm focused on frontend work and other developers are handling the backend, I don't write any SQL.  It's nice to work on teams that have brilliant database developers that you can count on to use best practices. I'm currently back to being a full stack developer on a project and the database is not my own.  I don't want to make mistakes that might slow up the team.  So I need all the help I can get.  I'm not saying that I'm a bad developer.  In fact, I get a lot of props from other developers on my SQL skills.  But I'm not perfect. SQL Code Guard is a free add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio.  Sorry, there isn't a VS 2015 build yet that I can find.  That could change by the time you read this.  I use it with SSMS the most. ( You should also install Red Gates SQL Search.  I like it also. )    What does