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Why I won't be registering as a blogger in the state of Florida.

This blog post is about Ron DeSantis. Why am I writing about Ron DeSantis? Did he create a new JavaScript framework? No. Did I move to Florida? Nope. Did Mr. DeSantis contact me about my blog? No.  Does anyone at the Republican party in Florida know that I exist? Absolutely not. I'm writing about Ron DeSantis because he and his party in Florida are working to pass a law requiring me to register my blog with them. I'm disseminating this information to you in possible violation of a law written 1000 miles away. At the discretion of some official in Florida they may decide that I owe them money and fine me for not registering with that official. I also must tell them how much money I make off my blog post. It's just pennies by the way.  This proposed law is as stupid as the book bans. Just like the banned books, nobody is being forced to read this blog. A person has to seek this blog out. You don't have to finish reading a bo