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SQL Saturday #59 – SQL Azure Follow Up

I had a great time talking with all the guys from Australia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  It was one of the best groups ever.  I had so many questions and such great conversation I didn’t get to show a lot of benefits.  I hope that I did get to share my real world knowledge and advice.  I think that SQL Azure is a great service and can be a great tool to help lots of apps have good performance and uptime.Please check out my recorded talk on the PASS AppDev Virtual Chapter.  I didn’t have the great conversations that I did when I met you all, but in this canned form, you’ll get what you missed., I’m sorry that I ran over on my time.  There was code that I wanted to share.  This code shows you how to build an ASP.NET MVC 3 App using both Razor and ASP.NET pages to mix the great dynamic data form layout tools and the nice reporting features of hosting rdlc files in the cloud on Azure. Here’s t…

Two more speaking engagements in November

SQL Saturday #53 – New York, New York – November 20th – 9amI just wanted to remind my fans (both of them) that I’ll be speaking at two more events this month.  First off is this Saturday the 20th in the Big Apple.  I’ll be covering SQL Azure to the attendees of SQL Saturday 53.  I’m first up, at 9am.  I’ll be covering the reasons why to use SQL Azure, reasons why not to use SQL Azure and how to use SQL Azure.  I’m also showing attendees how to do a little reporting on Windows Azure before SQL Azure Reporting comes out in CTP.  I think it’s a good thing to cover.Evansville .NET Users Group – Evansville, Indiana – November 30th – 11:30amThe great guys down in Evansville asked me to come cover ASP.NET MVC.  Since I’ve been using it in production almost since its inception, I jumped at the chance to share.  I’ll be covering the basics and then I’ll jump into MVC 3 RC.  There is a lot of great stuff that used to be in MVC Contrib that is now built in.  The new way to change view engines is…

IndyGiveCamp 2010 Pictures

IndyGiveCamp is this weekend from Friday at 4pm until Sunday.  It’s going to be a great time so I already have set up a photo album on my SkyDrive.  The Live Group is also up at
Check out the pics from the first ever Indy GiveCamp.
I also put the same album on Flickr, just in case users like Flash more than Silverlight, Why would you do that, gosh.