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Your Legacy Is Not Mine

When I say "legacy code" what year do you think of?  Is there a specific pattern or practice that you remember and hate?  Is there a specific version of a language, framework or server that you can't stand?  Perhaps "legacy" just means other people's code.  Perhaps you have been lucky enough to only do greenfield development in your career so far. Is "legacy" not bad word to you? Perhaps you work on a system that has "good bones". Each day you start work and find useful refactors that make things better but don't break all the tests.  You have good test coverage and a database that is performing well.  That is not always the case. How would you handle working on a platform that needs patched, is complicated, obfuscated, horrible to maintain, has been around since the 80's or 90's? It's not easy. You want to quit every day. You can't code good enough or fast enough to make anyone happy. Any success only lasts a few days