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DBA Consultant, Senior

Progress is looking for a Senior DBA Consultant. Professional Services Work from Home, United States Come work with the worlds best OpenEdge Database Administrators as part of the Bravepoint Managed Database Services. The team brings over 200 years of OpenEdge database experience where we manage more than 2,000 databases consuming more than 70 Terabytes of database space. In this role you will be responsible for the management of all database related activities for your assigned customers as well as have shared responsibility for all customers. DBA Consultant, Senior

Productivity Increased With One Setting

If there is one setting that has increased my productivity the most it is...  "startingDirectory": "%USERPROFILE%\\Source\\Repos" All day, every day, I download code, read code, write code, and ship code. I use many different apps to do this work. Each tool has it's directory settings but Windows Terminal is often my most used application. Since I work in so many different codebases, having a consistent starting directory that is already near to where I will need to go saves me a lot of typing. I seem to only find these productivity increases sporadically these days. Maybe that is because technology is changing or my work has been changing. If there has been one thing I can point to that has really helped, it has been "startingDirectory". I can list all my repos, change to a specific directory, and run commands from this repos directory. I can also search every repo very quickly, all at once. Windows Terminal General Profile Settings | Microsoft Docs

Saving Some Space

  Early this year I replaced my 2018 Dell XPS 15 with a 2020 Dell XPS 13. I gave the older laptop to a son.  It's still fine, runs well and has an I7 and 16 GB of RAM.  I just upgrade every 2 years and keep up to date.  I make my living developing web applications. As soon as the warranty runs out, I upgrade. I really like the new XPS. It's touch and has a pen.  The XPS 15 was non-touch but the XPS before that was touch. The new generation is really quiet and has better cooling than the previous generations. It also comes with a microSD card slot. With all the applications, tools, libraries, databases, and code the SSD was filling up. I could easily make sure I'm all checked in and push my repos and remove some code but I like having it at the ready.  I decided to move, for now, all my repos to the SD card.   I first had to upgrade to Windows Pro. I was running Windows 10 Home for the last few months.  Windows 10 Home has encryption but only for fixed disks. Then I formatte