Productivity Increased With One Setting

If there is one setting that has increased my productivity the most it is... 

"startingDirectory": "%USERPROFILE%\\Source\\Repos"

All day, every day, I download code, read code, write code, and ship code. I use many different apps to do this work. Each tool has it's directory settings but Windows Terminal is often my most used application.

Since I work in so many different codebases, having a consistent starting directory that is already near to where I will need to go saves me a lot of typing. I seem to only find these productivity increases sporadically these days. Maybe that is because technology is changing or my work has been changing.

If there has been one thing I can point to that has really helped, it has been "startingDirectory". I can list all my repos, change to a specific directory, and run commands from this repos directory. I can also search every repo very quickly, all at once.

Windows Terminal General Profile Settings | Microsoft Docs


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