JavaScript should be your favorite language

So you think you're really cool because you're hardcore and know everything there is about PHP or C# or C++ or VB or Perl or Ruby or Python or ColdFusion or Java or ActionScript or..  I should stop right?  The thing is, as developers we've been coding in all these other languages to fit the phone, desktop, server and platform we think is best.  But we were wrong.  There is no "best" or "favorite" platform.  We shouldn't have been writing Flash apps.  We shouldn't have been writing Silverlight or Windows or Mono or XNA or Java apps.  We should have been writing HTML5 apps this whole time. 

Don't get me wrong.  I don't thing that the debate of standards based apps vs native apps is over.  I think it's going to go nuclear.  Soon their will be iOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Chrome, Android, Blackberry, Firefox OS, and more to come.  They (I assume) will all probably be a little different but there will be ways to write in just HTML5, JavaScript and CSS.

So if you are really cool and prefer all those other languages, maybe you should look at JavaScript a little closer like I have this past year.  Dive deep, don't just use it when you really have to.  Try out some server side stuff like Node.js.  Or, God forbid, write a Windows Store App in JavaScript instead of C#.  You might like it.  I do.


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