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XNA and Silverlight

Recently I was asked to give an XNA talk to a WPF/ Silverlight user group.  I jumped at the chance.  It was interesting trying to think of XNA and the web.  There is a great library called Silversprite that helps make XNA work on the web, so the heavy lifting is already done.  It uses some code from MonoXNA , which I’ve already spoken about in the past.  XNA , in my humble opinion, is the best framework for game development.  Hopefully my opinions, experiences, and not my coding skills were of great use to the guys up in Cleveland.  It’s a great user group and if you are ever up in northern Ohio you should check it out.

AT&T Finally Delivered!

  I received the February and March updates to my Samsung Focus today.  I did have to use the recover tool to get the February update to start.  I got the dreaded time out message.  I guess resetting some settings is all that was needed.  I did not jailbreak my phone so I’m not sure why the recovery tool was necessary, but the tool checks several things.   So far, I like the way copy and paste is working.  My Google accounts do seem to be syncing better and the live tiles are more lively.  Especially the People tile, it’s now blinking more often.  I think that has to do with the better Facebook support.  I’m on Twitter more though, so native support for that would be nice to have in the next update.   All in all the update experience was wonderful, Microsoft did their job.  AT&T, not so much.

Where’s my phone update?   I have a Samsung Focus.  If you look at the chart and details (as of today April 4th) I should get my February update 10 days to several weeks after AT&T gets thru testing.  AT&T isn’t done with testing at the time of this blog post.  So the February update should be called the June update and the March update could be called the July update.   I’m glad I don’t have a brick.  I’m glad I don’t have an Android 2.* and need to figure out if I can spend money on an app because it might actually not work on my version on the 2.x operating system.  I’m glad I don’t have an iPhone 4 with the bigger GBs and the cracked screens.   But how much different is copy and paste on the AT&T network than another network?  The Samsung update is in network testing right?  Or maybe that is just smoke and there is a bigger fire.  Tell me there is fire and I’ll not want the update. Otherwise quick puff