Where’s my phone update?




I have a Samsung Focus.  If you look at the chart and details (as of today April 4th) I should get my February update 10 days to several weeks after AT&T gets thru testing.  AT&T isn’t done with testing at the time of this blog post.  So the February update should be called the June update and the March update could be called the July update.


I’m glad I don’t have a brick.  I’m glad I don’t have an Android 2.* and need to figure out if I can spend money on an app because it might actually not work on my version on the 2.x operating system.  I’m glad I don’t have an iPhone 4 with the bigger GBs and the cracked screens.


But how much different is copy and paste on the AT&T network than another network?  The Samsung update is in network testing right?  Or maybe that is just smoke and there is a bigger fire.  Tell me there is fire and I’ll not want the update. Otherwise quick puffing smoke my way with an update schedule.


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