Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stuff I'll never do as a boss, again.

I've been reading a lot about building good corporate culture and trying to retain employees and recruit new team members.  I've been away from the team lead position for about 6 months but have been consulting with large organizations.  I've come up with a short list of things I'll never do and will probably do as a boss.  You might not agree but I hope as a member on a team I lead you will appreciate some of them.

  • I'll never pressure you to give to the United Way or other charity because your employer said so. 
    I will try to work out schedules if you are donating your time and it doesn't really interfere with anything.
  • I'll never ask you to do something I wouldn't do. 
    I will ask you to do something because you are better at it than I am.
  • I'll never pressure you into after work social events.  Not everybody likes free football tickets.
    I might spread the word about a cool user group topic that is coming up though.  You really don't want the free tickets?
  • I'll never ask you to work thru lunch or whenever it is you eat.
    I might invite you to go out to lunch with me, I might even want to buy.
  • I'll never ask you to evaluate your peers.
    That's my job to decide if another team member isn't pulling his/her weight.  You can tell me if it's hurting your timeline, but I'll not force you to do it.  I will ask you to evaluate me.
  • I'll never ask you to play some stupid team building game and reveal your inner most secrets.
    I can always look on your Facebook for that sort of thing.  I might ask you to play Halo sometime, though try not to frag me too much. I like to play but am not very good.
  • I'll never ask you to remind me when a meeting is or when I veer off course.  I know my responsibility.  But if I am late, txt me with all caps and pick on me about it.  I won't retaliate.
    I will tell you when your veering off course and I'll tell you really early.
I have probably done some of these things in my past as a team leader.  I really regret that. 

I think there is enough pressure at work to get the job done.  A lot of the office politics is really old fashioned.  The workplace is full of diverse individuals.  You have a life.  I'm asking for a lot of it, so I'll try to treat you fairly.  Hopefully the company we work for treats us as well as we treat each other.