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The Cloud Age

In human existence there have been several archaeological periods.  Humans use these terms to classify segments of time.  They are not very distinct but show differences and can be used to trend human capabilities and accomplishments.  I believe humans have ventured into another such period in our evolution or de-evolution.  I’m not going to judge on comment on whether this is a step forward in our enlightenment or a step farther into an abyss.   As you have read from the title of this writing, I believe humans are entering the Cloud Age.  Before I tell you about the Cloud Age, let’s look back.  This brief reference might help put into context my hypothesis.  Some or all of these previous classifications are widely regarded as the ages of man.   Stone Age – The period in time we humans just sat around enjoying the view, trying to stay alive, keep warm and procreate.  If you wanted to make a tool because you couldn’t stay alive without it, you did it out of stone. It was a s

User Groups in Indiana are the Best!

Many people know that I’m really into (addicted) to user groups and technical conferences.  I love monthly meetings, code and coffees, meet-ups, happy hours, and even the big conferences.  The reason is that I love what I do for a living.  It’s work just like all jobs.  I don’t like HR crap, contracts, financials, and other office duties.  But I love to code.  I love research and development.  So I really like to talk about what I do.  I love what I do for a living.   In the year 2011, I’ll be speaking in Indiana.  I’m not flying out to NYC, Kansas City, or driving up to Michigan or down to Kentucky.  I’m going to try to talk to the fellow Hoosiers and build the community here.  It’s not that I won’t go out of state if asked, but I’m going to try to not submit abstracts and focus on Indiana.   Here is the current schedule:   January 13th - Indianapolis .NET Developers Association – ASP.NET MVC 3 March 22nd – Fort Wayne Professional Association for SQL Server – SQL Azure