The Cloud Age

In human existence there have been several archaeological periods.  Humans use these terms to classify segments of time.  They are not very distinct but show differences and can be used to trend human capabilities and accomplishments.  I believe humans have ventured into another such period in our evolution or de-evolution.  I’m not going to judge on comment on whether this is a step forward in our enlightenment or a step farther into an abyss.


As you have read from the title of this writing, I believe humans are entering the Cloud Age.  Before I tell you about the Cloud Age, let’s look back.  This brief reference might help put into context my hypothesis.  Some or all of these previous classifications are widely regarded as the ages of man.


  • Stone Age – The period in time we humans just sat around enjoying the view, trying to stay alive, keep warm and procreate.  If you wanted to make a tool because you couldn’t stay alive without it, you did it out of stone. It was a simpler time, eat or be eaten.

  • Bronze Age – This period of time was when humans figured out that stones crumbled.  So they would melt those rocks down and get a harder substance to make tools with.  They found that when they endeavored to create something it didn’t last forever and humans aren’t that good at creating things in the first place.  It was a simpler time, kill or be killed.


  • Iron Age – Humans found that creating things out of bronze was pretty boring.  If they could get other people to make them things out of Iron, they could have more time to procreate.  They could use those Iron tools for a longer period of time, and wouldn’t need to be nice to those Iron workers much after that.  It was a simple time, rule or be ruled.


  • Industrial Age – Humans found that depending on just a few other skilled humans to make tools for them wasn’t very efficient.  If they could build factories and gather wealth, they could get other humans to do almost anything for them.  If they did this, they wouldn’t even have to be nice to them at all.  It was a hard time, enslave or be a slave.


  • Atomic Age – Recently, in the grand scheme of things, humans found that by splitting an atom, a great amount of power could be created.  If a human could control such a power all the other humans would be both afraid of them and envy them.  Humans fought battles over just the idea of this power.  It was a scary time, be feared or live in fear.

  • Information Age – Just a few years ago, knowledge was power.  Humans who could control what other humans thought were regarded as powerful.  Those humans didn’t need to know the truth or have any use to the world other than controlling the distribution of information.  It was a complicated time, govern or be governed.


This brings me to my hypothesis.  You can probably figure out where I’m going with my argument from my analysis of the previous ages of man.  I’m not trying to be ironic, pessimistic, pragmatic or cynical.  I’m just writing down my thoughts.  I hope that you decide not to kill me, enslave me, make me fear you, or govern me.  I just hope that you let me be with my thoughts and think your own.


  • Cloud Age – Today humans endeavor to endeavor.  Humans have many tools and many places to store there tools.  If it gets copied, profited from, destroyed, re-generated, criticized, legalized, abolished, they don’t care.  Each tool is made of plastic, silicone, or carbon fiber and recyclable. The rights to the tool are probably stored in the cloud and can be easily downloaded, purchased, outsourced, off shored, created into a viral video and texted to the point of uselessness.  Humans who are good at giving other humans things to do, thrive.  The rights of those powerful humans are also stored in the cloud.  It’s today, employ or be employed.


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