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Professional Services is Hiring!!!

Have you heard? I work on a great team at a great company.  Progress Software makes some of the best software out there and also provides services. I support Sitefinity.  It's a great platform and it integrates well with our other offerings.  Progress also makes OpenEdge, Kinvey, Corticon, Kendo UI, Telerik, Chef, WhatsUp Gold and others. Would you like to work on the same team?  If so, check out these new openings. OpenEdge Consultant, Principal Looking for a full stack OpenEdge Principal Consultant with experienced architecting and delivering software solutions utilizing OpenEdge. A Principal Consulting Engineer is accountable for the technical and architectural and development process associated with their given assignments. Principal Software Consultant is expected to provide a high level of technical expertise that can be leverage by other members of a team in the form of providing repeatable code patterns, best practices, and team mentoring.   Principal Consultants are requ

My Experience as a Tech Reviewer

I recently got the chance to be a tech reviewer on  Pro C# 9 with .NET 5  by  Phil Japikse   and Andrew Troelsen. It is a particularly informative book and goes thru all aspects of C# 9. If you were going to get one C#9 book, you should get that book. I got to see what goes into a book like this and I can tell you that it is well worth the price.  Publishing a technical book is a lot of work. The authors need to know the subject matter inside and out. Writers know the subject matter so well that they can write about it in a way that is both educational and keeps the reader's attention. Editors must make sure there are absolutely no mistakes. Publishers must make sure everything is on time and on budget to make the book a success. Then there are the tech reviewers. My job was to go thru chapters line by line and test it. I looked for technical typos and logic errors. I also tested the code that was in the written examples by putting that code in Visual Studio and running it. I test