SQL Saturday Cleveland 2019

Time:  Feb 2

Alan and I haven't spoken together for a while.  I mean we talk often but not presenting in front of an audience. Last year, Alan and I submitted our Grudge Match: XML vs JSON session to Cleveland and were delighted when chosen.  It's a lot more work to coordinate with a speaking partner when choosing when and where the both of us can be.  I'm really glad it worked out again.  The responses we received the first time were great.

Place: Cleveland

Northern Ohio has a vibrant .NET and SQL community.  Cleveland puts on several meetups each month and a couple yearly events like SQL Saturday that bring a large number of people together.  The larger companies like Hyland have great facilities and share them with the community and put on great parties.

Cleveland is great. It's a big event with great crowds that give awesome feedback and support. Sometimes with other venues there are issues but I have found that Cleveland really never has many.  I've been impressed with every event and meetup that I have spoken at in Cleveland.

Talk: Grudge Match: XML vs JSON

The format is a match between two technologies and two speakers.  Our session is interesting because it points out a few basics that professionals always need to keep in mind but on a pretty advanced or niche use case.
  • Never forget the internals of SQL Server
  • Test everything for performance not just easy coding patterns


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