CodeStock Agenda


The final schedule for Codestock has been posted at  I'm scheduled to speak about SQL Data Services (SDS) at 9:30 AM on Friday the 26th.  This is the second time in a row that I'm an opening speaker at an event.  I wonder if I could get a mid-day event next time I speak.  I guess they have the new guys wake the developers up in the morning. 

If you are planning on hearing me speak, plan on getting stuff thrown at you.  I ask almost as many questions of the crowd as they ask of me.  I'll be jacked up on caffeine and I love talking about data in the cloud.  Here is a list of some talks I think are interesting and I hope to catch them all:

Data Syncing using SQL Server Data Services
  -  Aaron King

New Agile Features in Team System 2010
  -  Tommy Norman

Using Custom Classes in SQL Reporting Services
  -  Dana Coffey

Get Funded: What you need to know NOW!
  -  Rachael Qualls

Deployment and Packaging SharePoint solutions using TFS
  -  Rob Gillen

Introducing the MVVM Pattern
  -  Brian Genisio

Don't Be Blue: Azure is Here to Brighten Your Day
   -  Michael Brown

WPF Databinding ++
   -  Kirstin Juhl

New Approach to HttpRuntime.Cache Management
  -  David L. Penton

How to make your application awesome with JSON,...
   -  James Bender



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