5 Alternative Places to Post Developer Openings

You are looking for a developer like me? Great. I'm glad that I haven't been put out of work by AI or code generating robots yet. But I'm not interested. I get 20 requests a day for my resume and it's posted on the web for all the public to see.

What if I was looking at other opportunities? What if I was up at 2 am and just tired of the daily grind? What if the client just got bought by a big Fortune 500 and I was suddenly out of a job? Where would I go looking for that next bit of code to work on?

I wouldn't go to the big job boards and search thru all the system analyst gigs. I wouldn't go into my spam folder and hit back all those recruiters. I might call up a few that I have had beers with but no cold callers. But it's 2 am in the morning.

I would want a gig that I could really grab on to. Where would I go at 2 am when I'm disgruntled and disappointed? So I would go where I go for code. Here is a list:

Yep! I listed Craigslist. I haven't ever taken a job from there but it still seems like I look at the postings. If Amazon had a job board, I'd probably look there also. Are you looking to get in front of me at 2 am in the morning when I'm tired and willing to hear about a new gig? These are the places you need to post.

Or you can just text me at 3 pm and we'll go have a beer after work and talk. Or we can have some coffee before work and look at the code you want me to work on? That's even better.

I'm not looking! I have plenty of work right now. I'm posting this to help you and not have you contact me on LinkedIn 20 times a day.


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